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About The Deck Dude

The Deck Dude is passionate about installing functional & contemporary; timber and composite products in gardens across London. We have a low maintenance approach to planting and a focus on durable products.

Keri has a unique background from the corporate world in professional services to over a decade of landscaping experience. He uses this diverse background to work with our clients to achieve gardens that they love to use, but with functionality and space saving always at the forefront.



Our focus is on timber and composite installations covering decks, pergolas, custom benches, privacy screens, bin stores/storage cupboards and fencing. We love this craft!

Once that's done, we can cover lighting, irrigation, planting and some general landscaping to finish off the project.

Our style is super focused on low maintenance greenery that contrasts with contemporary timber and composite products. Planters in powder coated aluminium or corten are great for that contemporary look. 

Paving, brickwork, poured concrete and other hard landscaping services - Like all UK based landscapers, we have experience with these products. As part of a larger project with a timber/composite focus we can incorporate these products into your garden.

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